Principles & Practice of  Project Management

Online workshop aims

When we’re experiencing successive sets of far-reaching changes the skills of planning and project management are increasingly important for keeping our teams and our organisations on track. Managers may be asking:

  • How do we make and keep the workplace safe for our colleagues, partners and customers?

  • How will we decide who will work on-site and who will continue off-site – and still manage to hold good project meetings?

  • How do we manage everything that is expected of us within new time, cost and quality constraints and as a dispersed team?

The aim of this programme is to demystify the process and practices of managing projects so attendees are equipped to manage projects from wherever they and the project team are. The webinar series provides the forum to address the real-life issues of remote and flexible project work so that managers can be confident of delivering all their projects on time, within budget and to the specification and quality expected, even if they’re not dedicated project managers.

This workshop can be classroom-based or delivered virtually as a series of 4 instructor-led webinars. It includes pre- and post-workshop support designed to bridge the gap between learning and applying skills in the workplace.

Webinar 1: How do I add value

  • Adding value as the project manager

  • The simple process all projects follow – The KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

  • How to start a project successfully – many fail before they even start!

  • The project management realities and how to deal with them

  • Balancing the ‘what’ you need to deliver with the ‘how’ (the Time Cost Quality interdependence)

Webinar 2: Planning

  • Managing the customer/stakeholder

  • How to ensure a successful project outcome

  • The plan vs planning – and how to do it

  • Critical path implications and how to free up your time to focus on the right things

  • Visible horizon planning enlightenment – what detail do you need, and when?

  • Review your planning needs and expectations and planning reality

Webinar 3: Managing the project team

  • Managing people without direct line management responsibility

  • It’s all about priorities – yours and theirs

  • Managing vs leading projects

  • Team working for an efficient project

  • Inspecting vs expecting the truth – how to make sure things happen on time

Webinar 4: Managing the project team

  • Managing risk is critical – tracking and creating a plan to deal with risk

  • Project documentation – top tips for recording progress successfully

  • Closing out a project

  • What the best project managers do differently?

  • What next?