Micromastery for Business

Here at ML&C we are the pioneers of Micromastery for Business.

What is Micromastery? Micromasteries are memorable, doable micro skills that pave a way to mastery. Inside a Micromastery you will find a blend of microlearning, action-centred learning and a twist of ‘aha!’

How often have you identified what you need to learn, but not really how to learn it? Micromastery works at the level of the Why? What? and How?

With Micromastery, we put Purposeful Practice front and centre, bridging the gap between learning and application. Whatever the topic, whether online or in the classroom, we use Micromastery to fold learning into the flow of work.

Learning and work become one: people practise relevant micro skills and deepen their capability by teaching those skills back to their colleagues. Every day is a chance to level up and energise their work with small experiments and peer-to-peer learning.

Learn Small Learn Fast Learn Long

A Micromastery consists of four equally important elements:

The Context

What’s the challenge or issue that needs solving? Can also be stated as an issue or concern with the status quo that can be solved by learning a new skill…

The Way in

A barrier to effective learning is knowing where to start or what the missing link is.

What’s the thing that those in the know… know, and the rest of us need to find out or learn… the key you need to unlock the learning…

What’s the a-ha moment or the twist of magic?

Purposeful Practice

Taking some action on purpose, getting feedback,experimenting, changing and tweaking – and taking more action.

The best purposeful practice is a step-by-step approach that’s easy to follow, repeatable and sustainable.

It takes the learner across the bridge from learning to doing – quickly, confidently and competently.


What will success look like and how will you measure it?

How will you gain a (competitive) advantage as a result of the learning?

Making the payoff personal makes learning more enticing and engaging to the learner; it could be ‘an easier life’ or ‘completing a task faster’ thanks to new learning.

Let’s talk about making business better

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