Micromastery Power Sessions

Wondering how to make your L&D budget stretch further and still get all the training, coaching and development covered?

Facing the dilemma of releasing people from the workplace for the training you know they need, when they need it?

Looking for quick scalable solutions to skills-based performance challenges in bite-sized sessions that are immediately applicable back in the workplace?

We have the solution

As the pioneers of Micromastery for Business we’ve perfected the 90-minute

Micromastery Power Session
Learn small, learn fast, learn long

  • Offer individuals or groups in your organisation a powerful learning session with a specific skills focus, delivered virtually
  • Plug an immediate skills gap, enhance a training course, refresh rusty skills
  • Support a continuous learning culture
  • Learn a self-contained unit of doing, complete in itself and delivered in the flow of work where and when required
  • Receive a Micromastery as a takeaway – complete with your ‘Way in’ and step-by-step Purposeful Practice

The Micromastery Power Session is a low-risk way to introduce your learners to the capacity and the potential of learning with the Micromastery methodology.

Some examples of power sessions we’ve run for other clients:

  • Prepare yourself for a difficult conversation
  • Align your stakeholders
  • Delegate like an exceptional leader
  • Inspire change
  • Grow your resilience
  • Manage your attention
  • Define the project scope
  • Write that report with purpose
  • Understand the many hats of the project manager

How we work with you

Making the return on your expectation is our first priority. We start with a blank canvas and an enquiring mindset to co-create outstanding an learning experience, built around what your people and your business need. Each power session uses our unique Micromastery methodology to give your managers the capability and confidence to apply new skills and to quickly bridge the gap between learning and performance.

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