Every conversation starts with a blank sheet of paper and an enquiring mind. The discovery phase can be anything from a single telephone conversation to a full consultation with people at every level. The crucial skill here is not just hearing, but actually listening to understand.

During discovery we develop (and reflect back to you) a comprehensive understanding of your vision, objectives, commercial reality, learning environment, and the real issues your leaders are facing. We explore what has already been done, what has and hasn’t worked, and what ‘success’ looks like for you.

Each stage of our proven process is underpinned by the New World Kirkpatrick methodology, from initial understanding to discovery, design, delivery, support and accountability and evaluation so you can be confident of achieving a return on expectations.


We take the Discovery information and use it to:

  • Create, curate and tailor content, delivery mode and style to suit your outcomes, culture and preferred learning styles
  • Build your programme on our unique Micromastery methodology to help participants learn small, learn fast, learn long
  • Draw up Support and Accountability recommendations for your business to ensure you sustain and build on the learning


We work with you to ensure we deliver a transformational learning experience based on the Micromastery methodology that ensures demonstrable and measurable outcomes for your business. We check back in with your success criteria and focus on achieving the business results you require.

Equip your managers

Enable your people to learn new skills fast so that you can pivot without missing a step.

Learn faster than ever

You can make learning accessible, on demand and specific to your business.

Bridge the

The process can be implemented immediately, no matter what your learning style or personality.

Preserve knowledge

Teach the skills critical to your business, make them available to those starting out or stepping up.

Are you ready for better business?

We’re ready for success whenever you are.
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