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Now you’ve seen the Micromastery output from 7 of our most requested Micromastery Power Sessions over the past two years, are you ready to flick the switch, dial up your learning to max, and book a session or two for your organisation?

The Micromasteries you’ve seen over the past few days are the end result of a 90-minute Power Session, designed to introduce the learner to a new skill or rapidly improve an existing one to mastery level. Unlike bitesize learning, this is a full-calorie learning session using our unique Micromastery methodology to turn learning into doing fast: Learn small, learn fast, learn long.

Pick one topic from the following lists* and introduce your learners to a Micromastery Power Session.

Personal & Interpersonal

  • Influence upwards
  • Write business reports with purpose
  • Give feedback to peers and colleagues with ease
  • Grow your personal presentation power

Leadership & Management

  • Lead the Team: Teams in Flux
  • Lead difficult conversations – seek first to understand
  • Solve problems with ease: define the problem
  • Understand my identity of self as a leader

Business &

  • Understand the many hats of the project manager
  • Engage the team through strategic storyboarding
  • Write a goal statement for your project
  • Identify and manage your stakeholders on purpose

Cost of one online session (unlimited participants): £850

Pre-June Day offer: Book a second session from the list on us… completely free of charge up to 31 May 2024**

*Minimal adaptation included

**Must be booked at the same time

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