Micromastery – what if you could…?

Have you often wondered how talented people get that way? How do the world’s great concert pianists, chefs, artists, bricklayers and, well, managers, get that good? Are they born that way, or have they had more opportunity than most to practice? Nature or nurture? And if it’s nurture, at least in part, does that mean we could all learn those skills and become masters?

Cue Micromastery, the technique described by Robert Twigger in his 2017 book of the same name. By using the Micromastery methodology, Twigger suggests any one of us has the chance to master any skill we put our mind to. The trick is to pick one small, self-contained part of the greater whole and master that first, before going back to explore more.

Let’s suppose you need to give an important presentation to a client or perhaps to a group of senior colleagues. That could be nerve-wracking for the best of us, right? By breaking the task down and looking for the Micromastery that will get you started, the enormity of the whole becomes tempered as you work through the Micromastery process, one small chunk at a time. The first Micromastery might be, for example, ‘Consider your Audience’. By learning the ‘Way In’ and working through the Purposeful Practice, before you know it, you’ve acquired a new skill that is instantly deployable in your day-to-day work in a number of different applications. From there, new options open up: you can dive deeper into that Micro-skill area by following up on the background information and taking your skill to an even higher level, or use it to catapult you to the next element of presenting with polish. This might lead you to learning and mastering a planning or an editing skill, for example.

There is a saying: ‘Energy begets energy’. In other words, by lighting a candle from another candle, you create more energy, not less. The first candle is not diminished by lighting the second.

And so it is with Micromastery; because one Micromastery accelerates the learning into doing, you can take on the next Micromastery without worrying you’ll forget the first.

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